Yummy Lix Gourmet Lollipops Finest Spherical shape!

Yummy Lix©  large size 1oz spherical shape had been our flagship brand. It had been the fastest growing in the USA since it was introduced to the market in year 2003. Quality and superior taste with each flavor. Smooth mouth feel, two tone colors, Swirls and long lasting flavors.

Specialty shaped lollipops is our passion. For over 25 years, Cima Confections has had one mission: to produce Specialty Lollipops that satisfy all tastes, creating smiles on all faces. Our lollipops are crafted using our old-fashioned recipes combined with the finest ingredients, creating smiles and lasting memories, delivering quality gourmet confections beyond perfection. Our gourmet lollipops are loaded with luscious flavors that last for hours.

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